Aging Healthy And Gracefully By Eating Seafood Rich In Omega 3’s

Aging healthy and gracefully is possible by eating food rich in Omega 3’s, a recent study reports. These scientists define healthy aging as a  “meaningful lifespan without chronic diseases and with intact physical and mental function”.
I’m sure all of us would sign up for that in a heartbeat. In fact, the problem of healthy aging is increasingly important as people are living longer. And, with the longer life span, also comes higher rates of chronic disease among seniors.
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Aging Healthy: Studying The Effects Of Omega 3

The team examined the circulating blood levels of omega-3 fatty acids of 2,622 adults who were enrolled in the United States Cardiovascular Health Study.


At the beginning of this study in 1992, the participants average age was 74.   Their blood levels of omega-3s were measured at the beginning of the study, 6 years later, and 13 years later.

The types of omega-3s considered in this study were EPA, DHA, DPA, and ALA.


The primary food source for the first three types of omega-3s is fish — such as salmon, mackerel, tuna, herring, and sardines.  For ALA, the omega 3’s were nuts, seeds, and plant oils.



Aging Healthy: Study Results

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