AI Flags Prescription Drug Errors Instantaneously, Saves Lives

AI (artificial intelligence) has now been perfected to accurately detect prescription drug errors before they happen. Prescription drug mistakes are one of the leading causes of death in the United States. These errors are preventable and now MedAware, an Israeli tech company, has developed an AI program to flag physician prescription drug errors before the medicine can even get to the patient.


MedAware was founded by Dr. Gidi Stein, MD, PhD, n 2012. His AI program is currently used in two hospitals in Israel as well as with Allscripts Healthcare Solutions, a major electronic medical records provider here in the United States.




AI: How The MedAware Program Works


Prescription drug errors unfortunately happen. Physicians are often overworked and stressed and inadvertent computer input errors can happen. Computer input errors have happened to all of us, to our great embarrassment. But, this is different- it’s a matter of life and death.

MedAware was developed by Dr. Stein’s group following a tragic story.


A physician was treating a small boy who had asthma. To treat his asthma, the doctor within his electronic prescribing system meant to click on “Singulair,” a standard asthma medication. Unfortunately, he clicked on “Sintrom”, a blood thinner used to treat blood clots. The error was not flagged and the boy died.


The MedAware program is integrated into the current Electronic Health Record (EHR) platforms. It analyzes millions of clinical records, and records what medications were prescribed to which patients, and under which clinical situations. It identifies normal prescription patterns and will immediately notify the doctor with a warning message to review the prescription.


In addition, MedAware continuously monitors the patient’s clinical records throughout the duration of treatment. It assesses whether any changes render one of the active medications are now incorrect and dangerous to the patient. Immediate notifications are sent to the prescribing physician through the EHR platform. The MedAware AI app has proven to be of very high accuracy and clinical relevance.


Currently, erroneous drug prescriptions and the resulting adverse drug events plus lawsuits cost 21 billion a year just here in the United States.


Moving forward, MedAware plans to expand its AI app to include opioid dependency risk assessment, finding gaps in a patient’s care, and developing projections of a patient’s status based on trends.


Another goal is to expand the AI app to connect directly to the patient and provide them with their up to date health assessments. This can eliminate the inter-operability problems that are currently prevalent between the different EHR platforms used in hospitals and skilled care facilities.

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