Alzheimer Patients Need An Activity Schedule Too

Alzheimer patients need to have an activity schedule. While Alzheimer’s is a progressively debilitating disease, a caregiver or a skilled nursing facility should plan out a daily activity schedule. Doing so, will keep them happy and give them pleasure.

Keep in mind that people suffering from Alzheimer’s have trouble making decisions. They are often confused and lack the ability to start tasks. Organizing and carrying out an activity schedule is one of the best things you can do.



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Alzheimer Patients: Planning Out Their Activity Schedule

Since the Alzheimer patient has declining cognitive skills, it’s best to have a consistent activity routine. Plan activities that they enjoy and schedule them for about the same time each day.  that the person with Alzheimer’s enjoys in your daily routine, and try to do them at a similar time each day. He or she can be a part of the activity or just watch.

Here are some tips and guidelines:

  • Match the activity to the patients abilities
  • Mae sure the activity is fun and something they enjoy
  • Help the person get started
  • Make sure he or she feels successful and has fun
  • Let him or her watch if that is more enjoyable to them


Here are several suggestions:


  • Exercise: Take a walk together, watch exercise videos or TV programs made for older people. use a stationary bike
  • Music and dancing: Play music, talk about the music and the singer, ask what the person with Alzheimer’s was doing when the song was popular, sing or dance to well-known songs, attend a concert or musical program.
  • Gardening: Take care of indoor or outdoor plants, plant flowers and vegetables, water the plants when needed, talk about how much the plants are growing.
  • Cooking and baking: Decide what is needed to prepare the dish; measure, mix, and pour; tell someone else how to prepare a recipe; watch others prepare food.


Alzheimer Patients: Going Out

People in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease may still remember and enjoy going out to places they enjoyed in the past. For example, a favorite restaurant, park, shopping mall, or museum.


Alzheimer Patient: Plan Ahead

Here are some tips to make outings fun:

  • Plan outings for the time of day when the person with Alzheimer’s is at his or her best.
  • Keep outings short.  An Alzheimer patient can tire easily.
  • Use a business-size card to tell others about the person’s disease. Sharing this information with store clerks or restaurant staff can make outings more comfortable for everyone. For example, the card could say “My family member has Alzheimer’s disease. He might say or do things that are unexpected. Thank you for your understanding.”

Alzheimer Patients: Eating Out

Going out to eat can be a happy experience for the Alzheimer patient. But first,  plan it out carefully, as it can be challenging. Find a restaurant that is quiet, easy to navigate, and has a menu that appeals to the patient.

Once you get to the restaurant,

  • Tell the waiter or waitress about any special needs, such as extra spoons, bowls, or napkins.
  • Ask for a table near the restroom and in a quiet area. Seat the person with his or her back to busy areas.
  • Help the person choose a meal, if needed. Suggest food you know the person likes. Read parts of the menu or show the person pictures of the food. Limit the number of choices.
  • Ask the server to fill glasses half full or leave the drinks for you to serve.
  • Order finger food or snacks to hold the attention of the person with Alzheimer’s.
  • Go with the person to the restroom. Go into the stall if the person needs help.


The rule of thumb is always to plan ahead and in all activities, make sure the Alzheimer patient is happy, comfortable, and engaged.


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