Senior Citizen Women May Decide The 2020 Presidential Election

Senior citizen women are a powerful voting bloc. Indeed, they may just be a powerful enough group to decide the 2020 Presidential election, says a Harris poll survey.   According to the survey results, the path to victory for candidates in the 2020 elections will run through women age 50 and older. The Harris poll…

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Saturday is National Prescription Drug Take Back Day

This Saturday is National Prescription Drug Take Back Day. Mark your calendar Ladies and Gentlemen.   This is a great opportunity to clean out your medicine cabinet and safely dispose of unwanted, unused, or expired prescription medications at drop-off points around the country. It’s easy and it will protect you against accidentally taking medicines you…

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Vaping Is High Risk Activity For Senior Citizens, Stop Now!

Vaping is a high risk activity for senior citizens, that should immediately stop. If you’re over 50, ditch the e-cigarette. The severe warnings by the FDA and Centers for Disease Control apply not only to the teenagers — but to you as well.   Reports of severe breathing problems and deaths related to vaping began…

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The Planet Is Becoming Older

Demographers predict that children born in, for example, Brazil or Myanmar in 2015, are going to live 20 years longer than their compatriots who were born some 50 years before them. And if in Iran people over 60 made up only 10% of the population in 2015, then in just 35 years they will already…

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Children Can Help Elderly Parents Stay Safe From Scammers


Children can help their vulnerable parents stay safe from scammers by just following this simple and effective 4-step program.         Children: Your Elderly Parents Need Help You can be a great help in protecting your aged parents against vicious scammers. Protect their money and assets that took them a lifetime to assemble.…

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Fraud Protection For Seniors Made Easier With These Tools

fraud protection

Fraud protection for senior citizens is important — not to say that it isn’t important for everyone else. But, seniors, more than any other age group, are uniquely susceptible to scammers. For example, over 2 million seniors were defrauded of more than 750 million dollars since 2018 by fraudsters, says the Department of Justice (DOJ).…

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Older Americans Month Celebrated This Month Of May

older americans month

Older Americans Month was established in 1963 to celebrate the lives and contributions of our respected senior citizens.   In 1963, only 17 million living Americans had reached their 65th birthday. About one third of these senior citizens lived in poverty and there were few programs, on the Federal, State or City levels to meet…

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Seniors Suffer Huge Financial Losses Through Fraud, Scams


Over 2 million seniors were defrauded of more than 750 million dollars since 2018 by fraudsters, says the Department of Justice (DOJ).   The DOJ today announced the largest-ever crackdown on fraud against senior citizens. Two hundred and twenty five people both here in the United States and overseas were criminally charged. Altogether, more than…

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Facebook, YouTube Rated Most Popular Media Websites By Seniors

Facebook and YouTube rate as the most favorable social media web sites by senior citizens. These seniors, age 65 and older, also enjoy social media, according to according to Pew Research.   The statistics breakdown further shows that forty-one percent of seniors said they use Facebook, while 40% said they use YouTube. The next most-used…

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