Dementia Care In A Nursing Home Special Care Unit Improves Life Quality

Dementia care in skilled nursing homes that is set up as a special care unit (SCU) significantly reduces the severity of the disease and improves quality of life. This is based on a recent study by the Harvard Medical School.

The Harvard researchers are urging skilled nursing homes to set up special care units (SCU) so that dementia patients can receive better personalized care.  The results of their study back up their recommendations.

The researchers reviewed data from skilled nursing facilities (SNF) and found that admission into a dementia special care unit (SCU) improved the patients quality of life.


The improvements included reduced and inappropriate use of antipsychotics, physical restraints, pressure ulcers, feeding tubes, and hospitalizations.



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Currently, 50% of the long-stay resident population in nursing homes are diagnosed with dementia. Overall, about 40% of all adults with dementia live in a U.S. nursing home. This total is now up to about 750,000 individuals.


As the senior citizen population increases over the next several years, dedicating a special care unit in a SNF, for this population is a great idea.


Right now, only about 4.5% of all nursing home beds are are set aside as special care units. These units provide a more supportive social and physical environment for residents. Features can include everything from color-coded walls to assist with navigation to therapeutic programs that help with memory impairment and depression.

Dementia Care: Consider Silver Center Health Care

At Silver Center Health Care, we offer special care team for patients suffering from dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Our skilled nursing team and dedicated physicians provide a personalized care protocol that is tailored to the needs of the individual patient.


If you are considering a skilled nursing home for your loved one who suffers from dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, please schedule an appointment to tour our facility and talk to our staff.


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