Dementia 10 Year Study Offers Strategies To Reduce Risk

Dementia is a devastating disease that as it progresses, can devastate a person’s life. Every 3 seconds a new case of dementia is diagnosed, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).


Dementia is characterized by cognitive impairment, such as inability recalling memories, solving problems, and reasoning logically.

The biggest risk factors are aging, stroke, and high blood pressure.





Dementia: Lowering Risks Preventing Onset

Researchers at the Copenhagen University Hospital in Denmark believe that early identification of risk can lower and even prevent the disease from occurring. 



Data from 104,000 were analyzed. The data showed that a combination of three factors — gender, advancing age, and gene variation — are markers of high risk for dementia. 



In terms of age and sex, they found a 7 percent risk for both men and women in their 60’s. In their 70’s, men have a 12% risk, but women’s risk jumps to 16%. 


When people reach age 80 or older, risk increases even more for both women and men, specifically 19% for men and 24% for women. 


Early intervention for hypertension, smoking, diabetes, and obesity, can reduce the risk of the disease onset and minimize its effects in people with the disease.

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