Eat Healthy This Holiday Season: It Can Definitely Be Done

Eat healthy this holiday season, it can be done, no joking.  None other than the National Institutes of Health has just published a set of eating guidelines that is healthy and delicious.

Eating healthy is important for all age groups an especially for senior citizens, who may already be dealing with one or more chronic illnesses.


eat healthy

Eat Healthy Means Healthy Aging

One way to prevent gaining weight is to eat nutrient dense foods. The provide great nutrition without packing on the extra calories.

On the other hand, says the NIH, the high-calorie foods with low nutritional value, like potato chips, sugar-drinks, candy, baked goods, and alcoholic beverages, are “empty calories.”

It can really make a big difference. Here are several examples nutrient of dense-low calorie, delicious foods you should consider:

  • A hamburger patty, 4 oz. precooked, extra lean ground beef 167 calories
  • A large apple, 8 oz. 110 calories
  • Two slices of 100% whole-wheat bread, 1 oz. each 138 calories
  • Roasted chicken breast, skinless (3 oz.) 141 calories


Also consider the composition of your snacks as well. It is possible to eat healthy high nutrition snacks that will not exceed 100 calories. Here are some really great choices:

In addition to making sure you eat healthy calories, exercising several times a week is very important for your health. Your heart, blood pressure, and cognitive abilities all thrive with a regular exercise plan. You can accomplish all of this with moderate exercise, three times a week, and an hour each session.

For example, brisk walking, dancing, and swimming are great examples of moderate activity.

And, if you’re up to doing more vigorous activity, consider jogging, singles tennis, or swimming laps. That will really burn off calories and keep you fit.

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