High Dose Flu Shot Keeps Nursing Home Patients Out Of Hospital

Flu ShotNew research demonstrates that administering a high-dosage flu shot to nursing home patients cuts their risk for hospitalization for flu.


What is the High Dose Flu Shot


This high-dose flu vaccine, Fluzone, contains four times the amount of immune-spurring antigens compared to the regular flu vaccine dosage.

The research, funded by the vaccines maker Sanofi-Pasteur was recently published in the journal Lancet Respiratory  Medicine.   The high-dose flu vaccine was given to nursing home residents residents of more than 400 nursing homes ,while residents in the control nursing homes received the standard dosage.


Vaccine Results


Results showed that hospitalization rates were lower for residents receiving the Fluzone higher dosage vaccine compared to those receiving the standard flu shot dose.

Hospitalization for respiratory illness was 13% lower in the high dose group. Especially relevant is the high dose group had a significantly lower hospitalization rate for any reason.



Flu can prove deadly for frail residents of nursing homes, rehab centers, and hospitals.

This research demonstrates that the Fluzone high dose flu shot provides a better quality of life for patients suffering from respiratory and other chronic diseases. And that is a very good outcome.





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