Minnesota Law Gives Patients Drugs Without Doctor Prescription

A just passed Minnesota law allows patients to get a one-time emergency refill without a doctors prescription.


Included as part of the new state budget, the law enables a patient to refill their current medication and provide the written prescription later.


In addition, the new law also provides patients taking several drugs, to coordinate and renew all of them at the same time. This law will improve healthcare for consumers, and especially senior citizens. Another measure allows prescription refills to be coordinated so consumers who take more than one drug can renew all of them at the same time. These new provisions take effect on August, 1st.






Minnesota: Joins Other States On Lowering Drug Prices

Minnesota also passed another measure that outlaws gag clauses by pharmacy managers and insurance companies. These clauses prevented pharmacists from telling consumers of a lower price if they pay cash instead of  their  insurance plan.

Another measure passed by the legislature provides greater transparency on pharmaceutical drug prices. Consumers are notified when prescription drug prices increase dramatically.


These laws are among 19 measures enacted in 14 states this year. These measures will help lower the cost of prescription drugs for consumers. Moreover, consumers will also receive timely updates on the status of drug prices for the medications they use.



The move by State legislatures to pass these laws —  results from Congressional refusal to seriously pass legislation. Several recent polls show, that the rising prices of prescription drugs are the #1 concern of consumers and seniors.

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