Mosquitoes Love You But Don’t Bite Your Friends, Why?

Do you ever wonder why mosquitoes love you, love your blood, follow you around day and night, but leave your friends alone? Why are you so popular? We have collated for your reading pleasure, the preferred mosquito menu. Read more:



Mosquitoes 5 Star Menu And It’s You!

Mosquitoes are very picky in their culinary tastes. Here is what they love:

  1. Black and blue Colored Clothes.  Come to think of it, I saw you recently and in addition to those ugly red blotches, you had plenty black and blue welts too.
  2. Higher Body Heat. You do sweat a lot and they love hot people.
  3. People on the move. If you’re moving, you’re alive, and you got to share the blood
  4. Heavy Breathers. They love oxygen.
  5. Alcohol Drinkers .They love the alcohol smell.
  6.  Type O Blood .They prefer O, then B and A in that order. What can I say; you’re blessed.
  7. Certain Chemicals in Sweat. Known as pheromones. You have no control over this. Certainly you’d like to be attracting somebody else. But this is your fate. Enjoy!



Take yourself off the mosquitoes menu by purchasing a good insect repellant spray. Moreover, consider staying indoors most of the time. Good luck!

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