New Dabra Laser Saves Limbs From Amputation In Diabetics

Laser technology now has the new DABRA laser approved by the FDA for market clearance to save limbs from amputation in diabetics.



DABRA laser

More than 200 million people worldwide, suffer from Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD). In the U.S. and Europe, PAD is responsible for 240,000 amputations every year. In addition, 25% of patients die within 30 days and 50% within one year after their limb amputation. The number of diabetic patients increases annually. As such, diabetic patients who are a high risk group for arterial blockages require a safer, faster, less expensive, and more effective treatment. DABRA is an innovative new technology from Ra Medical Systems that will reduce the growing number of diabetic amputations and fatalities.


DABRA laser: How it works

Existing systems have four problems:

  • safety: metal burrs and cutting blades often cut and damage peripheral arteries to get to the blockage
  • difficult to use: require special fluids, air pumps, and spin device to keep the machine running
  • difficult to set up
  • current laser machines can only work on one type of blockage. The DABRA can handle all types of blockages and plaque, as well as cut through multiple layers
  • economical: The DABRA system costs  50% less than competing technologies.



Most impressive, the DABRA is fast, efficient, and safe. Surgeries take between 5 and 22 minutes to complete and there is no damage to peripheral arteries or vessels. Patients have no side effects and are back on their feet and out of the hospital within 2-3 days. Most impressive, all patients treated with the DABRA machine are back to regular activities within a few days, functioning at 100%. Indeed, their next area is to develop surgical procedure for coronary artery disease, using the DABRA laser. It is currently in the testing stage.

 A most impressive machine that will save lives. It’s a game changer, folks. Watch these videos:



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