New Surgical Glue Better Than Sutures, Staples

Purdue University scientists have developed a new surgical glue manufactured from the proteins of sea mussels.  This material, called ELY16 contains elastin protein and sticks to objects while immersed in water. This glue works better than sutures, staples, and other commercial products.

Surgical Glue

Surgical Glue Benefits


Sutures and staples work in most surgical situations but may fall out, cause skin trauma, and infection. Moreover, they are not optimal for certain surgical procedures.  In contrast, the surgical glue adheres well underwater, is non-toxic, and especially relevant, it is biologically compatible on human skin.




The material contains elastin protein and tyrosine amino acid. When combined, tyrosinase converts to the amino acid 3,4- dihydroxyphenylalanine (DOPA) and results in it sticking very well to wet objects.

Watch this demonstration:


This is an exciting new medical development and will make post surgical recuperation more comfortable with fewer side affects.

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