Senior Citizen Women May Decide The 2020 Presidential Election

Senior citizen women are a powerful voting bloc. Indeed, they may just be a powerful enough group to decide the 2020 Presidential election, says a Harris poll survey.


According to the survey results, the path to victory for candidates in the 2020 elections will run through women age 50 and older. The Harris poll reports that 95 percent of senior women plan on voting in the 2020 election. That is an important and an amazingly high number. Women 50-plus have been an overlooked group. According to April, 2019 U.S. Census data, women over the age of 50 comprise 28 percent of all registered voters.


For this election, senior aged women voters are engaged, motivated, and plan to analyze the candidate positions on health care and the economy. Essentially, for this age group, the most important issue is health care and how to pay for it.



Senior Citizen Women: What They’re Thinking

Among the 95 percent of women voters who say they will vote, 87 percent say they are very likely. Only 1 percent say they do not plan to vote.  Election experts predict that the 2020 turnout will be one of the highest in American history.

A majority of the senior aged women polled say that they can not afford healthcare. Twenty-six percent  say they skipped medical care because it was too expensive. An additional 14 percent say they went into debt because of high health care costs.

In addition, 70 percent of those polled say that seniors pay way too much for pre-existing conditions — which should be insurance covered by the Federal government.


They Don’t Like The Drug Companies 

This is understandable, who can blame them? And besides, dislike for the drug companies runs uniform across all age groups.

Seniors drug bills are quite high. That’s because, this Harris poll found that aged adults take between four and five medications each day. Many seniors have to decide between taking their drugs as prescribed and also necessities as food and lodging. In this poll, 13 percent of women 50 and over report rationing their medications because of the cost.

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