Signs That Your Senior Citizen Loved One Needs A Hearing Aid

Do you know the signs of hearing loss? Would you be able to tell if your beloved senior is suffering from cognitive decline or is it just hearing loss?


A hearing aid could be the answer. Right now, statistics show that 80 percent of adults between the ages of 55 and 74 would benefit from wearing a hearing aid, according to a recent study. So, the question is, why don’t seniors wear them?


The answer is that many seniors are in denial, for others it’s just plain vanity. Some are simply in denial that their hearing has declined. Nevertheless, the refusal to wear a hearing aid reduces their quality of life and may actually mask issues of actual cognitive decline.



Signs: Tips To Convince Your Senior To Wear A Hearing Aid 

Hear are some tips you can use to make a convincing case.

Wearing a hearing device reduces the risk of cognitive decline and dementia — and if they’re married, makes for a stronger marriage. Also, if they’re still working, it helps them do their job, better.


Signs: Appeal To Their Altruism.

A hearing problem doesn’t just affect the person who has the impairment.The entire family is affected. In fact, if your loved one is in denial, you can help them understand the extent of their hearing problem by keeping track of how many times a day they’ve asked someone to repeat something.


Get a third party advocate. A third-party advocate always helps. It lightens the atmosphere a little bit and takes the pressure off the patient.


Drop some names. Whoopi Goldberg, Jodie Foster, Pete Townshend and former President Bill Clinton are just a few well-known people who wear hearing aids.


And if your hearing-impaired loved one still isn’t ready to take action? THen, don’t pfress the issue. Back off and wait. If they’re pressured into buying something before they’re ready, that device is going to end up being an ‘in-the-drawer hearing aid,’ and no one wants that.

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