Skilled Nursing Homes Restricting Visitors Due To Coronavirus

Skilled nursing homes as well as the VA hospitals are restricting  visitors from entering their facilities. This is to better protect their most vulnerable patients against the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.


In the case of the VA hospitals, no outsiders are permitted to see these residents except for compassionate cases when a veteran is in the last stages of life in hospice.

Additionally, most nursing homes have suspended new admissions except for transfers from other facilities after a doctor’s clearance.  In addition, all staff is being screened daily.


While the COVID-19 risk to average Americans remains low, these measures does help protect some of the most vulnerable patients, such as seniors. Seniors have weakened immune systems, and many also have other underlying conditions.


Skilled Nursing Homes: Increased Screening 

Screening includes looking for signs of respiratory illness and other flu-like symptoms such as fever and achy bones. Moreover, questions are asked such as: where they’ve traveled in the past 14 days and what contact they’ve had with anyone confirmed to have the coronavirus.


Telemedicine Care Is An Option

Today, telemedicine is a viable option to get a quick and accurate diagnosis without having to leave your home.

Skilled nursing homes in addition to having physicians on the premises, can also use telemedicine to monitor their patients from off premises. This saves valuable time and provides timely medical care.

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