SNF And Other Health Care Providers Getting Big Raise From CMS

SNF (skilled nursing facilities), including  inpatient psychiatric facilities and inpatient rehab facilities are getting a $975 million collective raise next year from the CMS (Center For Medicaid Services).

In addition, CMS also finalized several policy changes for each provider type to help reduce the burden on them and the patients that use their facilities.

For example, SNF will receive a 2.4% increase, or $820 million more, compared to what they received this year. Last year, they received a $370 million dollar increase.

CMS will also install a patient-driven payment model that ties SNF payments to patients’ conditions and care needs rather than volume of services provided.

This model also reduces documentation standards around patient assessments, saving facilities approximately $2 billion over 10 years.





SNF: CMS New Standards

CMS is moving forward with new standards. For example, they eliminated five quality measures for the facilities, including ones that tracked patient flu vaccination rates and tobacco and alcohol use.

Inpatient rehab providers will end up receiving an additional $105 million, or 1.3%, next year. That’s up from the $75 million bump, or 0.9%, they received last year.

Regulatory burdens on rehabilitation providers will be reduced. Moreover, coverage data will also be revised. For example, they will allow post-admission physician evaluation to count as one of the face-to-face physician visits. This helps the rehabilitation physician to meet with team members remotely without any additional documentation requirements. It also removes certain duplicative documentation requirements.

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