Brain Health Improves With Light To Moderate Exercise

brain health

Brain health can improve dramatically even with light to moderate exercise, recent studies show. These improvements in cognitive function occur in the short-term and can last over a longer period of time.  Light exercise improves not only overall cognitive function but more specifically short and long term memory. This is great news for senior citizens…

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New Drug Shows Potential To Block Alzheimer’s Disease

new drug

A new drug is showing some promise in preventing Alzheimer’s disease. The drug is currently used to treat stroke survivors. Specifically, scientists are giving the drug to people with early-stage Alzheimer’s disease.    According to the Alzheimer’s Association, 5.7 million people in the United States are living with the condition. Current medications can only relieve some symptoms…

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Medical Breakthrough Advances In Health Research During 2018

medical breakthrough

There were many medical breakthrough advances in 2018. Let’s review several and what they do to actually improve our health.   Medical Breakthrough: Fasting Diets It’s really interesting, folks. Obesity is a major epidemic here in the United States, but “diets” were among the top internet searches in 2018. Literally, not a day goes by…

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Which Moderate Exercise Is Best For Maxing Your Memory?

Moderate exercise is very beneficial for your health, especially for keeping your memory sharp, several studies have shown. The question then; what is the best moderate exercise to do?   For example, previous research showed that aerobic exercise preserves brain health and reduces the risk of getting dementia. Another study reported that walking 4,000 steps each day can boost…

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Salt In Excess Can Mess Up Your Brain And Memory

Salt can really perk up that special food you love. Sprinkle it on a hot corn on the cob smeared with butter and experience pure heaven. But too much salt has for years been cited as a cause of high blood pressure. New research now suggests high-salt diets may also harm your brain   Salt: New Studies…

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