The Top Reasons to Select a Medicare Advantage Plan

This article was written exclusively for our readers by our friend Ashley Lipman.

With Medicare, there are more options than you may think. Most seniors who are newly eligible for this coverage select the Original Medicare plan because this is the plan, they are most aware of. Both Parts A and B are included in Original Medicare, which offers medical and hospital insurance. The downside is that this coverage only takes care of 80 percent of the total medical costs they incur.

At the same cost as Part B premium, seniors are able to receive better options, more benefits, and the security of having a limit on their total medical costs. This is where the Advantage Plan comes in. The Medicare Advantage plan provides the same coverage as original Medicare, along with coverage for things such as wellness programs, vision, dental, and pharmacy.

Some of the specific benefits offered by a Medicare Advantage plan, along with information on where to browse for the best Medicare Advantage plan, can be found here.

Extra Benefits

The Medicare Advantage plan provides options that suit your current state of health. This is true, regardless of whether you need coverage for prescription drugs, vision, or dental. The plans offer an array of benefits, such as acupuncture services, hearing aids, gym memberships, acupuncture and chiropractic services, 24-hour nurse advice line, and naturopathy.

A Single Plan for Prescription Drug and Medical Coverage

An advantage plan is going to bundle your coverage to ensure all parts of your health are covered. Usually, these plans will combine Medicare Parts A and B of the original plan, along with the prescription drug coverage provided by Part D. Also, you can acquire coverage for vision and dental appointments.

What does this mean?

Put simply, that you have total coverage and just one Medicare card.

No and Low-Cost Premiums and Low Copays

You can find some Advantage plans that have premiums that are as low as $0. For very little (or none at all) more, you receive additional coverage, along with the security of knowing you have a comprehensive insurance plan. Medicare works with the providers of the plans to give you coverage in all crucial parts of your health, such as prescription drugs, dental, and health. Keep in mind though, to get this, you have to keep paying the premium for your Medicare Part B plan.

Today’s Advantage plans also have more affordable deductibles along with co-payment amounts. Based on your plan, the amounts are also fixed, which means you know precisely what you are going to pay for every visit. With this, you can easily budget better for the health care costs and avoid unpleasant surprises.

Limited Out of Pocket Expenses Each Year

There are many advantage plans that also limit how much you have to pay for these services every year. This is something that original Medicare doesn’t offer. After you have reached this maximum, your plan pays in full for any other covered services you need.

For example, if your out-of-pocket maximum is $6,700, then this is all you will have to pay for the covered services you receive each year. If your costs go past this amount, the plan you have will cover the remaining costs.

Network of Resources and Care Providers in Your Local Area

With advantage plans, you have a single location that brings together your clinics, doctors, and the available plan benefits. You can easily access the resources and the information that you need to live a healthy and happy life. The plans offer a large network of providers, along with the support of a member-focused, local, health-plan.

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