Wheelchair Battery Free, Waterproof, Eases Seniors Outdoor Access

A new wheelchair that is waterproof and battery free will ease seniors ability to get around as well as enjoy the outdoors.

The newly introduced wheelchair, called the PneuChair was developed by researchers at the University of Pittsburgh and the Human Engineering Research Laboratories (HERL).

The PneuChair uses pressurized canisters of air instead of batteries, making the chair significantly lighter than most wheelchairs, and is completely waterproof.

PneuChair weighs 120 pounds and operates on 4,500 pounds per square inch. It can travel about 3 miles on a fully charged tank. It takes only 10 minutes to re-pressurize the air canisters for the next use.



Wheelchair: PneuChair Benefits for Seniors


PneuChair will be a boon for seniors living in skilled nursing homes where battery management is at best a challenging experience. Pneuchair is infinitely rechargeable without the hassle and problems found with battery recharging.

Most importantly, the pneumatic power of the PneuChair also opens up access to activities that were never available to seniors using traditional electronic powerchair technology. For example, a trip to the beach or a wading pool can now be comfortably accessed. The Morgan’s Wonderland theme park in San Antonio, Texas, was one of the chair’s first customers, opening its splash park to those who use mobility chairs.



PneuChair opens up new vistas for the mobility of senior citizens.

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