Can This Wonder Pill Really Keep You Healthy In Your Old Age?

Can a wonder pill really keep you healthy, free of disease and illness, in your old age, Will you live longer? That would be a great thing, indeed, if such a wonder pill actually existed. Well, scientists believe that such a pill does exist and is currently being tested with great results.


The pill is RTB101 and is manufactured by resTORbio, IncresTORbio, Inc. is a clinical-stage pharmaceutical company focused on the development and commercialization of novel therapeutics for the treatment of aging-related diseases.


Dr. Joan Mannick, M.D., Co-founder and Chief Medical Officer, says that her company has tested RTB101 on more than 900 people. The results are incredible. It has strengthened aging immune systems, cut risk for respiratory diseases and lowered the risk of urinary tract infections.


The latest news is that RTB101 could win Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval as early as 2021. This approval would specifically allow RTB101 prescriptions for winter colds, flu, pneumonia and other respiratory tract infections.


Respiratory tract infections are serious business. They send over 1 million older adults to the hospital every year and kill more than 75,000. Many of these afflicted are senior citizens that suffer from weak immune systems, which make them especially vulnerable. in addition, there are now ongoing studies of the drug as a preventive for Parkinson’s disease and heart failure.


Indeed, one of the hottest current research areas in science is the world of aging and how to keep seniors healthy and productive. Of current drugs being studied, RTB101 is the star. Its research is supported by the National Institute of Aging (NIA). The NIA is experimenting with various compounds that can improve the quality of live in senior citizens.



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Wonder Pill: A Better, Longer Life

The need is enormous. In a decade, nearly 20 per cent of Americans will be 65 or older. 75 per cent will have two or more serious health conditions. At least 25 per cent can expect memory lapses and fuzzy thinking, while 10 per cent will develop Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. The goal is to tackle the effects of aging, which is the biggest risk factor for every major disease in senior citizens. A drug that slows the biological process of aging will be a medical revolution on par with the discovery of antibiotics.

The focus is to improve the quality of life.


Drugs like RTB101 work by inhibiting an enzyme in the mTOR pathway, a basic process that regulates growth and metabolism in cells. As we get older, part of this pathway, TORC1, revs up. That’s bad.


Increased TORC1 activity is linked to age-related health problems. The drugs push it back. This works the same way calorie restriction and intermittent fasting work. In aging studies in animals, cutting back on calories increases life span. But that’s difficult for people to do. But inhibiting TORC1 this way seems to do the same thing, similar to dieting.


More than offering longevity, these anti-aging drugs might help us escape the red zone — the time when physical health often crashes late in life. Quality of life is the key, longevity is the bonus. Being able to spend our twilight years healthy — enjoying life, our children and grandchildren, is a gift from G-D.


May it happen.

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